Transforming Our State of Classrooms

How to Manage Instruction in a Telepresence Environment

Teachers will get applicable hands-on experience in a telepresence room, on a mobile telepresence unit, and experience the new MX 700 experience.

Intended Audience: For any teacher currently or considering instruction in Telepresence Environment. Open to the WTI community.

Curriculum and Agenda for the Day

Intro to equipment:

  • How to connect
  • How to move your camera
  • How to move their camera
  • How to change different views on the Telepresence unit

Hands-On Practice!!

Different ways to connect to the other classes:

  • Telepresence and computer together
  • Telepresence and SMART board together
  • Telepresence separate and (computer and SMART board together) using SMART Bridgit

Hands-On Practice!!

How are you going to get the materials back and forth from different sites:

  • Human contacts between schools is essential to a successful class
  • Physical solutions (carrier, mail)
  • Electronic solutions (scans, email, Google Classroom, etc.)

How to handle assessments (tests/quizzes):

  • Ways to distribute the quiz or test
  • How are you getting the quiz or test back to you.
  • Needing a proctor or not

Hands-On Practice!!

Classroom Design:

  • What is needed for the design of your classroom
  • What is needed for the design of the other classrooms


Hands-On Practice!!

Contact List (phone numbers and emails you need to have):

  • High school office
  • Counselor
  • Technology coordinator
  • Human contact in other site

Grading Issues:

  • Grading if you have different grading scales
  • Sharing information with parents
  • How to have student access to gradebooks (usernames and passwords)

Preparing for a substitute teacher

  • Who is your second go to person if the person on the other side is sick
  • What is your plan for being gone unexpectedly
  • What is your plan if you know you are going to be gone
  • Are you going to record a lesson when you are gone and/or record yourself when students are gone.

Hands-On Practice!!